• Storage Platform

  • This is a budget home storage solution with the construction of loft flooring platform without dust-proofing the room, giving you the extra storage space that is easily accessible with a loft access ladder.  You can also use this storage concept to gain more space in your garage.  Get it out from under your feet and out of sight!

    You can include a light by our qualified electrician and roof ventilation with a turbo beam© air vent along with natural lighting with the installation of Velux Window© roof skylights.  Heaps of options to suit your ideas and budget.

    We can personally tailor a storage solution to your needs.

    This is the perfect way to organise your home or garage in a cheap and affordable way yet still have easy and simple access by the folding loft ladder to your Storage Flooring Platform

  • The Attic Guys' Home Storage Flooring Platform is ideal for:  

    • Garden storage
    • Camping storage
    • Unused sports gear storage
    • Golf equipment storage
    • Building material storage
    • General storage

    And more...  let your imagination go wild... imagine everything out from under your feet!

    Contact The Attic Guys now for your loft transformation options.